Where To Buy Natto Kroger?

There is a good chance that the Asian market will also sell natto that has been dried in addition to fresh organic natto. If you are able to locate natto anyplace close to where you live, an Asian market is the best place to seek for it. Natto is one of the most major sources of vitamin K2 derived from plants, which is a very important nutrient for our bones and hearts.

How many grams of natto in a container?

Each container contains at least twice as much natto than the smaller containers of natto that can be purchased in the freezer department of Asian markets since each container contains 100 grams of natto. I have no doubt that everyone has their own preferred method for eating natto.

Is natto a supplement?

It is not a supplement; rather, it is a traditional staple meal in Japan, with records of its consumption extending back at least a thousand years.The fermentation process for Rhapsody’s natto utilizes a culture of Bacillus subtillis and is carried out on cooked soybeans.The soybeans get sticky and acquire a taste that might be described as being comparable to that of a robust aged cheese.

Do I need to refrigerate my Natto Upon arrival?

Expand your view by clicking here We ship with an ice pack and insulation. When you are there, make sure to put your natto in the refrigerator. If you are prepared to place a purchase, please choose one item by clicking on the corresponding picture below. If you have any inquiries, please contact us by calling (833) NYNATTO or sending an email to [email protected]