Where Can I Find Natto In Chicago?

  1. Or is it difficult to locate fresh Natto in your region?
  2. Traditionally, the fermented soybean paste known as natto is dried off by being exposed to the sun.
  3. In contrast to a great number of other brands, they are prepared without the use of any oils, making them a significantly more nutritious alternative.
  4. Even after drying, the natto bacteria are still active and may be revived by adding moisture to the paste.

Why did I start buying Natto?

Because natto is such a rich source of vitamin K2, which is essential for bone health, I recently began purchasing it. Natto, when consumed as food, is something that has been suggested for preventing bone loss by medical professionals at NYU Langone Medical Center. As a result of having breast cancer, I will be starting an anti-hormone therapy soon.

Is natto a supplement?

  1. It is not a supplement; rather, it is a traditional staple meal in Japan, with records of its consumption extending back at least a thousand years.
  2. The fermentation process for Rhapsody’s natto utilizes a culture of Bacillus subtillis and is carried out on cooked soybeans.
  3. The soybeans get sticky and acquire a taste that might be described as being comparable to that of a robust aged cheese.