How To Make Natto Maki?

In addition to being used in the recipe for a classic maki roll, natto may also be utilized as a filler for a variety of other sushi preparations, including gunkan maki (also known as battleship sushi) and temaki (sushi cone).To begin making gunakn maki, cut a piece of nori that is approximately 3.5 centimeters broad.Take a tiny spoonful of seasoned sushi rice and mould it into an oval shape by spreading it out with your palms.

How to make Natto?

Wash the beans in ice-cold running water before using them to make natto, and then soak them in water for a full 24 hours.After soaking, place the beans in a big saucepan and add enough water to cover them by at least an inch.Cook the beans for 9 hours.

  • The next step is to rinse the beans, then filter them, place them in a clean saucepan, and add the water and nattomoto powder solution to the pot.