How To Get Rid Of Bitterness In Natto?

The flavor is unaffected by the presence of ammonia; however, I eliminate any unpleasant aftertaste by adding vinegar, giving it a swirl, and letting it settle for two minutes before serving. Even though it tastes great on its own, I prefer to combine it with some kimchi. Actually, one of my favorite ways to have it is on kimchi Bokkumbap with a runny egg.

How to get rid of bitterness?

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How do you make something taste better when it tastes bitter?

Fat has a natural ability to cover over harsh flavors and make them more enjoyable. Because of this, the flavor of coffee is improved by the addition of some milk or cream. To assist mask the taste of bitter flavors, you might want to try using a cream sauce, milk, fatty cheese, olive oil, or other similar components.

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How do you eat Natto?

Another frequent method of consuming natto is by adding the ingredients of your choice and then thoroughly combining them with soy sauce. This is done in place of the special sauce or Japanese mustard that is packaged with the product. If you take the time to find the condiments that work best for you and give natto its proper due, you can rest assured that you will like the flavor.

Do you like the smell of Natto?

It is advised that you add anything on top of the natto if the aroma of the natto is not to your liking. Not only can increasing the amount of different ingredients or spices make it taste better, but doing so can also help to gradually tame the distinctive odor of natto.