How To Get Natto In Harvest Moon?

You must go to the Bluebell Farm and locate the Maker Shed. The fermenting maker is where the soybeans and rice stalks are combined to create natto. Therefore, you will not be able to produce Natto unless you have the maker shed on the Bluebell farm unlocked in order to do so. The total amount of time needed to finish the game in that maker is two hours and fifteen minutes.

You need just to present a Gift to the Spring in accordance with the ancient custom of the Harvest Moon by hurling an Offering into it. throughout the whole month of Spring, grow unchecked in the Mountain Area. them throughout that initial Springtime. a Sun.

Is there a quick overview for Harvest Moon back to nature?

I’d like to offer my congratulations for finishing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. =-=-= Brief Synopsis =-=-= In the following, you will find a condensed list of all of the objectives of the game. This is the spot to look if all you want is a brief sense of where you should be or what you should be doing at any given moment.